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Fifa 12 – Has Benoit Assou-Ekotto Finally Gained Recognition?

I enjoy the release of Fifa every October, and indeed Football Manager a few months later, if not just for the fun of the game, but to also see how our team is viewed from an outside perspective. Every year without fail though a couple of our players are underrated, and also a few are definitely overrated, and this year is no different. It does get me a little down when some of the best performers in a Spurs shirt are not given the stats that they deserve – mostly because it means I have to play with a mediocre side.

Some players, such as Adebayor (82), Dawson (80) and Friedel (81), are pretty much right on the money. Modric (88) is perhaps a little high, and Parker (82) perhaps a little low, but all in all, pretty much correct.

 Without fail though, every year, in both Fifa and FM, Assou-Ekotto will always be significantly underrated. This year he has been given a ‘78‘ rating, which is not too awful, but seems ludicrous when you compare him to the other ‘78‘s’ in our team, or some who have a higher rating. Pavluchenko (78) and Dos Santos (78) are both at the same level, which any Spurs fan can tell you isn’t true, while players such as Aaron Lennon (82) and Pienaar (80) are classed as a much better player than him, while their performances have been far from convincing as of late.

Now I know this all seems a little ridiculous to be complaining over Fifa stats, but I think it can be said that Assou-Ekotto is often underrated as a player, and I for one would never even think of looking for a new left-back. Personally I believe him to be one of the most consistent and calm left-backs in the league, and works wonderfully with Bale in front of him. Watching him week in and out, he has a marvellous first touch, and control of the ball, easily side-stepping a charging attacker while thinking of his next pass, it really is something magnificent to watch. We all know how good he is, I simply just think it would be nice if he got a little more recognition, from pundits or computer game manufacturers. He may even start to enjoy himself because of it…