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Simon Kjaer and Edinson Cavani – Worthwhile Signings???

Recent reports have come from around the web that we have made a bid of 28million euros for the combined signatures of both the central defender Simon Kjaer and the forward Edinson Cavani, both of Palermo. The president of Palermo has for some reason or another come out and stated that we have put in this significant offer, and that it had been accepted, yet the Spurs board have now turned round and declared this not to be true at all. Regardless of if or when we are to make a bid for these two, it is fair to say that many of you will not have heard of these young stars.

Powerful centre-back Simon Kjaer

Simon Kjaer is the more promising of the two players, with many of the big European Clubs such as Manchester United, Arsenal and Wolfsburg all looking to sign him. He plays at centre-back, and at only 21 has alot of potential in these role still to come, with 62 Palermo appearances already to his name. Fans of the Football Manager games will already know that he becomes one of the better central defenders in the 2010 edition, and the interest of most of Europe would suggest that he is the level of  player we should be looking to buy, yet it is doubtful that he is the kind of player we need at Spurs. We already have a plethora of good centre-backs, with Dawson and King showing themselves as a force to be reckoned with when fit. Woodgate’s days may be numbered, yet young players such as Bassong and Kaboul can easily cover for the England stars, and with King’s increasing ability to play consecutive games, the centre of our defence seems a solid enough position. It would be a waste of money to spend any more than say £5million on another centre-back, as we simply do not need one, and the money could be spent elsewhere.

The attention now turns to Edinson Cavani, who plays in a role very similar to Pavlychenko. Very, very similar. It would seem puzzlingly if we were to keep our Russian hitman if we were to purchase Cavani, and despite Cavani’s slightly better goal ratio (he scores around 5 goals a season more), he is still not really the 30 goal a season striker that a top side need, a player like Cristiano Ronaldo was for Man Utd, Drogba is for Chelsea and Torres is for Liverpool. Even Man City seem to have latched onto one of these with Carlos Tevez. Signing Cavani would unlikely increasing our scoring threat, as he is around the same quality as Crouch or Defoe, only younger. If we are to sign a new striker, which I believe is needed to step our game up a bit, then we need to buy someone big. Take this  28 million euros we were to spend on these two, and buy one big signing up front. Someone like Aguero or Suarez – or dare I say it Eduardo?? It takes a brave man to cross the North London divide, yet him and Modric have been said to have a “telepathic understanding” of each other’s games ever since they have played together since youth level, and may be worth a shot.

Edinson Cavani