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£4.5 million per player: The Surprising Cost of Tottenham Hotspur’s First 11

With all the talk of inflated transfer fees in the Premier League these days, it is perhaps interesting to note that the first choice team for Spurs cost about £1million pound cheaper than a certain goal-shy spaniard.

This season’s tremendous wheeling and dealing from Harry and Mr.Levy, bringing in Friedel for a whopping £0, Adebayor for a purse-stretching £0 and Parker for half a Rebrov, around £5 million, has meant that the total cost of our first choice eleven has dropped to a meagre £49million. A very large chunk of this, 34%, was spent on Luka Modric alone at £17million.

In goal…
Brad Friedel (Free, Aston Villa)

A defence of…
Kyle Walker (£4m from Sheff Utd)
Ledley King (Youth Team, Free)
Michael Dawson (£4m from Nottm. Forest)
Benoit Assou-Ekotto (£3.5m from Lens)

A midfield of…
Aaron Lennon (£1m from a bankrupt Leeds)
Scott Parker (£5m from West Ham)
Luka Modric (£17m from Dinamo Zagreb)
Gareth Bale (£7m from Southampton)

And a forward pairing of…
Rafael Van Der Vaart (£8m from Real Madrid)
Emmanuel Adebayor (Loan from Man City)


Simon Kjaer and Edinson Cavani – Worthwhile Signings???

Recent reports have come from around the web that we have made a bid of 28million euros for the combined signatures of both the central defender Simon Kjaer and the forward Edinson Cavani, both of Palermo. The president of Palermo has for some reason or another come out and stated that we have put in this significant offer, and that it had been accepted, yet the Spurs board have now turned round and declared this not to be true at all. Regardless of if or when we are to make a bid for these two, it is fair to say that many of you will not have heard of these young stars.

Powerful centre-back Simon Kjaer

Simon Kjaer is the more promising of the two players, with many of the big European Clubs such as Manchester United, Arsenal and Wolfsburg all looking to sign him. He plays at centre-back, and at only 21 has alot of potential in these role still to come, with 62 Palermo appearances already to his name. Fans of the Football Manager games will already know that he becomes one of the better central defenders in the 2010 edition, and the interest of most of Europe would suggest that he is the level of  player we should be looking to buy, yet it is doubtful that he is the kind of player we need at Spurs. We already have a plethora of good centre-backs, with Dawson and King showing themselves as a force to be reckoned with when fit. Woodgate’s days may be numbered, yet young players such as Bassong and Kaboul can easily cover for the England stars, and with King’s increasing ability to play consecutive games, the centre of our defence seems a solid enough position. It would be a waste of money to spend any more than say £5million on another centre-back, as we simply do not need one, and the money could be spent elsewhere.

The attention now turns to Edinson Cavani, who plays in a role very similar to Pavlychenko. Very, very similar. It would seem puzzlingly if we were to keep our Russian hitman if we were to purchase Cavani, and despite Cavani’s slightly better goal ratio (he scores around 5 goals a season more), he is still not really the 30 goal a season striker that a top side need, a player like Cristiano Ronaldo was for Man Utd, Drogba is for Chelsea and Torres is for Liverpool. Even Man City seem to have latched onto one of these with Carlos Tevez. Signing Cavani would unlikely increasing our scoring threat, as he is around the same quality as Crouch or Defoe, only younger. If we are to sign a new striker, which I believe is needed to step our game up a bit, then we need to buy someone big. Take this  28 million euros we were to spend on these two, and buy one big signing up front. Someone like Aguero or Suarez – or dare I say it Eduardo?? It takes a brave man to cross the North London divide, yet him and Modric have been said to have a “telepathic understanding” of each other’s games ever since they have played together since youth level, and may be worth a shot.

Edinson Cavani

John Bostock joins club…finally

After many weeks of deliberations and negotiations, the former Crystal Palace attacking midfielder has agreed to join Spurs in deal worth around £5million based on appearancesfor club and country. We had previously reported, that we believed he had already signed, and had included him in our list of Tottenham’s Best Young Players, but it appears that a deal was only made official today according to the Spurs website.

John Bostock

The 16 year old John Bostock while talking on the matter had this to say…

I am definitely ready to make this move and Spurs is the team I wanted to join. I feel this is a club with a great future and this is where I want to be to develop my potential and improve as a player

It seems that he has a good head on his shoulders and made the move for the right reasons, though we would say that, and rejecting Chelsea is a clear sign of his desire to improve and look to break into the first team, something that would never happen with Chelsea who have the money to never need youth players. Hopefully this will be the first of many new signings this summer.

Is Dos Santos about to sign for Spurs?

It seems, if many of the British tabloid and broadsheet newspapers are to be believed, that highly-rated wonderkid Giovani Dos Santos is on the verge of signing with Spurs. The deal, worth a potential £12million, is said to be in its closing stages and only minor details are to be ironed out. But is this a genuine deal, or just another rumor that each newspaper jumps on in turn with?

Dos Santos

At first it seems very unlikely that one of the most highly rated youngsters in European football would move away from Barcelona to a club that does not have Champions league football, yet there would be obvious advantages, the primary being first team football. With the huge array of talent, especially in the attacking midfield role, Dos Santos has had, and will have in the future, his opportunities to play competitive action reduced at the Nou Camp. Barcelona had a desire to loan out Dos Santos to gain some experience before he could break into the first team, but the young playmaker expressed his desire to play at a club who wanted him now, not in 4 years time.

Tottenham then seems an extremely beneficial destination for Dos Santos, as with interest from Chelsea and Manchester United he would find it very hard to break into the team, yet at Spurs he would be the only player who can play in his role really and would blossom with us.

Only time can tell whether or not he will sign with us, but if it does become true that he is coming to North London, it will definately be a coup for the Ramos revolution and probably, if he was the key negotiator, keep Damien Comolli’s job.

Tattler’s Transfer Hopes

I have been watching the transfer rumours that have been directed at Spurs over the last few months with intense anticipation. I know it happens every year, with too many false dawns over the next big signing, but I think possibly this year Ramos has the backing of the board, who are in a very strong financial position, to get in some key signings.

So we here have been thinking about what team we would like to see, and think there would be a possibilty of seeing, at Spurs next season. We have also put in which players we would like sold and potential income from them.


Alot of rumours abound about keepers this summer as it is widely known that Ramos is on the lookout for a new one. Alot of these are unfounded as many papers will just shut their eyes and pick out a name of a known goalkeeper to link with Spurs. It is near certain that Robinson will leave, yet I feel that unless Ramos obtains the exact two keepers he wants, Robinson will stay and fight for a place with a new keeper next season. We have just signed a new goalkeeper coach, Hans Leitert, from Recreativo and I believe that Robinson has the ability to improve back to his old self with the right guidance, perhaps Leitert could be this guidance? If he does not stay though, I could see him moving to Aston Villa or Wigan, someone like that who have funds but not a great squad for around £2million.

Staying or Leaving?

It is also almost certain that Tottenham will buy a new keeper, with links to Gomes, Neuer, Coupet and Green in recent weeks, yet I believe that a good signing, and fairly possible after Espanyol purchased Alavarez from Rosario, is Cameroonian goalkeeper Carlos Kameni. Kameni was the winner of the African keeper of the year in 2006-07 and at only 24 has a good future, and his best playing years, ahead of him. He has a buy-out clause in his contract worth £4.8m would be far cheaper than what Gomes, Neuer or Green would cost, who are vital to their teams. The rumor of Coupet too has been one that has grown in the press and being 35 years old, would not be too expensive either,  maybe around £2million, and after the player has stated that he is leaving in the summer, a move to Spurs could be on the cards.

Carlos Kameni

IN    – Kameni (£4.8m), Coupet (£2m)
OUT – Robinson (£2m)


A few more rumours about the Tottenham defence, mainly due to their very poor record in the Premier League this season. The possible transfer of Ledley King I do not see as having any real truth, as noone would want to buy such an injury prone player and none of the fans would want to see him sold, yet I do believe that the captaincy may be handed over to someone else for the new year. The other big name on the out is Younes Kaboul, who never really established himself in the first team. At only 22 he could still improve greatly as a player, yet he has publicly criticised Ramos, and as we all know, in football that means your gone. I would love to recoup the £7m that we spent on him, but with Ramos’ desire to offload him I assume a bid of around £4m-£5m would be accepted. As well as Kaboul I could quite happily see the departures of alot of the other defenders, with Lee, Assou-Ekotto, Gardner, Rocha and perhaps Chimbonda all leaving if offers would come in.

Kaboul, surely must leave?

This would leave us with a still very competent backline, with Hutton, Woodgate, King and Bale providing a very strong unit when all are playing, yet I think Ramos would like to keep some competition for places in his team so bringing in a replacement for King would be top of his priorities and if Chimbonda leaves, would need some backup at rightback, though I think maybe Chimbonda may stay, get annoyed at being on the bench, and be sold in January. Gunter has shown some good performances for the Wales national team so would be good cover for Bale and Dawson is also a player simply in poor form who could regain some composure.

The likely purchase that I see for centre back would be one of Ramos’ old Sevilla defenders, Julien Escude. He’s 28 and is probably at the peak of his career, and would have the mental prowess to command a backline, this seems the most likely of the defensive rumours and a bid of around £5million is likely to be made.

IN    –Escude (£5m)
OUT –Kaboul (£4m), Gardner (£1m), Lee (£2m), Assou-Ekotto (£2m), Rocha (free)


One of the less prolific of the transfer windmills, Tottenham have not been linked to as many midfielders as in recent times this window, yet there are a few notable pieces of gossip. The transfers of David Bentley and Wright-Phillips have probably been born out of Lennon’s loss of form towards the second half of last season and as always we have been linked to a central midfielder. The issue of left midfield has possibly been solved with the fabulous and unexpected transfer of Luca Modric and Behrami has been linked with us too, and that transfer also looks like a possibility for the right or left midfield role.  I see Ramos putting in a big big for Bentley and if the top four are not interested, could see him signing for us, but ultimately it seems far more likely that Tottenham will stick with their current wingers. In the central midfield I think the addition of Lassana Diarra would be a very big buy for the club, adding to the defensive strength where Zokora has been unable to. He could possibly be bought for around £7million i believe.

Bentley. Large price on his head

On the way out, and this all really depends if offers come in, are probably Tainio, Boateng and Ghaly. I do not think that we will see Ghaly playing for Spurs again, and any offer will be accepted, but for Tainio or Boateng offers of £2million plus are likely, though with the large fee we payed for Boateng last summer Spurs will not want to lose too much on him and would rather keep him or loan him out. The fate of the rest of the midfield is just as uncertain with Ramos not looking to actively offload any, but would seriously consider bids that come in for Zokora, Jenas or Lennon.

IN     – Modric (£15m), Diarra (£7m), Bentley (£16m)
OUT– Tainio (£2m), Boateng (£5M+ or loan), Ghaly (free)

ForwardsThe biggest story would be the almost certain departure of Dimitar Berbatov, who is likely to go for £20million and upwards, but the relatively low interest so far has been somewhat worrying seeing as Tottenham are basing all of their dealings on the sale. If he goes though, and along with Darren Bent who would most probably go for about £10million, we will need to bring in another or another two strikers.

Bye bye Berbatov

Links to Eto’o, Villa and Henry all look highly unlikely and are classic ‘Tottenham rumours’, like the Ronaldo and Rivaldo rumors of the past. Strikers like Nikola Zigic, Moreno, Fred and Diego Milito all look far more likely, but it is up to Ramos to decide who would be the best buy. I think that a strike pairing of any of these quite big strikers with Keane would be good but Moreno would be preferably due to his young age or Diego Militio for his strength. While Fred and Zigic are both good strikers, I do not think that they will fit in well to the style of the Premier League, though I would be happy to be proved wrong. It is likely that Milito would require a large transfer sum, maybe in the region of £18million, and Moreno would too need something like £6million, fairly high for his age, yet they would give a touch of flair to the current side.

IN    – Milito (£18m), Moreno (£6m)
OUT– Berbatov (£20m+), Bent (£10m)

That’s it, its done, the great big transfer report, and it we will come back to this at the end of August to see how many of these have come true, and which we were way off the mark with.

Some transfer rumours for you

A couple of rumours that have just sprung up today…

Various news sources have said of our, and Bolton and Everton’s, desire to sign Serbian giant Nikola Zigic. At 6ft 7in he would be the tallest player in the Premiership, even taller than Peter Crouch, and, unlike that useless pile of bones, he can score too. He has 11 goals from 28 at international level and scored 71 goals in his 3 years at Red Star. He has had a less successful time at Valencia, and with their reported squad clear-out for next season this could be very likely and would be a cheap replacement for Berbatov.

He is frickin\' massive

Secondly is the apparent signing of Brazilian ‘international’ Fred. With his brother stating that…

“Yes, we are meeting with Damien Comolli, Spurs’ sporting director” and added that, “He is coming with a new offer. If it is good, Fred will sign for Tottenham”


This would arguably be a good signing for Spurs, as many Football Manager players will know, and his strength would link well with Robbie Keane at the front. The only pitfall of this is that his brother was saying the same thing in January when no transfer actually came to fruition and this could just be another ploy used to increase the profile of the striker.

Another transfer rumor which has been growing steam over the last week is the transfer of the 35 year old French goalkeeper, Gregory Coupet. He is a little old in football terms, but as we have seen many times before, goalkeepers only really peak at around his age. It has also appeared today that although a Tottenham bid has not yet been confirmed the player stated…

“Yes, I’m leaving, it had become an open secret,” he said. “My way of saying thank you to the fans will be to win the Cup by being invincible.”

Obviously good signs for Spurs fans as Coupet is a great keeper, far exceeding Robinson’s current level, and his contract has another few years on it so he is not leaving because of the end of his contract, directing us to a bid made by a major club. Hopefully Spurs can be that club.